​​Lake Bloomington Association​

Lake Bloomington Association Board

The Lake Bloomington Association's Board is elected every year. Officers serve a one-year term and Directors serve a three-year term. The Board is nominated by a committee of board members and is elected by the membership each year at the fall dinner.

If you are a member of the LBA and want to become a Board Officer or Director, please email us at www.lakebloomingtonassociation@gmail.com

2020-2021 LBA Board Officers

Presidents: Rick and Lynette Mehall

Vice Presidents: Robert and Traci Freitag​​

Secretary: Craig and Tria Bouas

Treasurer: John and Lisa Larkin

City Liaison: Dale Strassheim

Past President: Mark and Carol Csanda

Membership: Lezlee and Jeff Dillon

Lake Breeze Editor: Michael Randitsas


Neil and Lynne Finlen

Helen Ogar and Paul Lawrence

Dave and Julia Turner

Shannon Duvendack and Matt Stuckel

John and Terry Hoffman

Brad and Cathy Wallace