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East Bay Camp

East Bay Camp started in 1929 when Lester Martin, an attorney from Bloomington Water Company, approached the Reverend Frank Breen. According to Breen, Martin said, "...since our first plan for the lake, we decided to raise it five feet and we had to buy an extra 40 acres. There'll be a lot of ground back in here and I think it would be wonderful for a camp. Do you think you could start a camp here?"

Today, East Bay Camp lies on 146 acres and has 87 buildings. The most recent major addition is the Seager-Denham recreation center. The indoor pool is used by campers in the summer and by Lake residents year-round for water exercise classes. Learn more about East Bay Camp here.

Camp Peairs

Camp Peairs was built as a camp for Girl Scouts in early 1940. The camp has 88 wooded acres with multiple seasonal cabins. In 2020, the camp was returned to the City of Bloomington. The City is currently developing plans for the use of this natural resource.

Timber Pointe Outdoor Center

The camp, now known as the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center was founded over 60 years ago, soon after the Lake was built. The camp has 170 acres of woods and four miles of shoreline.

It served as the Corn Belt Council Boy Scout Camp until 1989, when it was purchased by the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center, Inc. In 2005, 1700 children with special needs attended the camp.

In 2006, the Lodge at Timber Pointe was completed as a joint project between the four Bloomington-Normal Rotary groups and the Timber Point Charitable Foundation. The complex has a kitchen and dining areas, a medical facility (including lodging for the medical staff), a storm shelter, program and assembly areas, and camp administration support services.

Lake Bloomington Association adopted a cabin at Timber Pointe. Aptly named Racoon cabin for the inhabitants in the crawl space as previously reported, multiple projects were completed on the cabin thanks to the contribution from both the LBA and private homeowners. Improvements to the property included:

Learn more about Timber Pointe Outdoor Center here

Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation

The Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation was established as an independent 501 (c) (3) organization in 1996 for the sole purpose of securing funding and resources in support of the development and operation of facilities and programming at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center.

The Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation has no paid staff and is governed by a local board of directors comprised of various community and business leaders dedicated to providing funding in support of the development and operation of facilities and programming at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center. In addition, Foundation board members provide consultation, hands-on participation, oversight, and evaluation specific to the initiatives that it supports.

MISSION - The mission of the Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation is to provide funding and resources supporting the development and operation of facilities and programming for children and adults with disabilities and their families at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center.

The latest Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation newsletter can be found by clicking here.

Learn more about the Timber Pointe Charitable Foundation here